Printing Services

Printing Services provides specialized production services for a wide variety of print-related media. Browse to Printing Services to learn more.

Canon printer/copiers

Printing for the first time

The first time you print to an on-campus network printer, you must set up your computer by downloading the appropriate print drivers and syncing your ID OneCard to the printers.

  1. Download the appropriate print drivers
  2. Sync your ID OneCard to the printers.

Printing after setting up your computer and syncing your ID OneCard

After you have downloaded the appropriate print drivers and synced your ID OneCard, follow these steps to print:

  1. Connect to the network.
  2. Send the print job from your document (e.g. Click File → Print) to the Canon printer/copier.
  3. Release the print job.

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Network printing

Network printing offers printing to public access printers from your personal computer or laptop.

Residence hall printing

Residence hall printing enables students easy access to network printers in upperclassman and first year residence halls. Fees are charged at the same rate as printer/copier fees.

Updated: 1/19/2017