DyKnow enables instructors and students to interactively share, annotate, save, retrieve and replay material during and after class. Tablets and other pen-based devices provide the optimal environment for the use of DyKnow, but also it can be used on a variety of hardware, including desktop and laptop classrooms. Included in the software suite are DyKnow Vision and DyKnow Monitor.

DyKnow Vision

DyKnow Vision enables

  • Sharing of instructor content with student workstations.
  • Student note-taking alongside the teacher’s content.
  • Posing questions to students and students to submit their answers.
  • Sharing of student panels.
  • Replaying of panels for after class review from any Internet enabled Windows.

DyKnow Monitor

DyKnow Monitor provides instructors with visibility and control of student workstations.

For more information

Need help?

  • For help with installing DyKnow, as well as Virtual Desktop for Mac users, contact Student Technology Support at fits@depauw or call x1093.
  • Use DyKnow’s built-in help function found at the end of the ribbon bar by clicking HelpContents.
  • For additional support, email DyKnow@depauw.edu. (Note: Please use your DePauw Google Mail account), which is an email account that is monitored by multiple support members.
  • For help with connecting to the server or troubleshooting, contact the HelpDesk located on the lower level of the Union Building or at (765) 658-4294 or HelpDesk@depauw.edu.

Updated: 1/16/2017