Phones: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I learn about my phone?

Online resources are available at the New phone system article that includes printable guides.

Why does this phone display the name of a former employee for caller ID instead of his replacement?

The phones have a short term memory of the precious caller ID information and will display that information if they “know” who you are calling. If you’ve never received a call from that extension, only the number is displayed. When caller ID is updated, your phone still displays what it thinks is the correct information for that extension, even though the name has been correctly updated in Metronet’s system. The next time your phone receives a call from that extension, it will update its internal caller ID information.


  • If John calls you from x1234, your phone saves that information.
  • The next time you dial x1234, your phone displays John on the screen.
    If we update the name on x1234 to read Sam, your phone does not immediately know the name has changed.
  • If you call x1234, your phone will still say John until you get a call FROM x1234 at which time your phone will learn that x1234 is now Sam.

My phone does not have a dial tone and the light is blinking red. What should I do?

Reboot your phone by pressing Menu → 12 → OK. If your dial tone doesn’t return after the reboot, then report the issue to the HelpDesk at (765) 658-4294 or You can also self report the issue by going to e-Services, clicking Submit Technology Request and completing the form.

What do I do if my phone is locked up and I cannot make a call on the first line?

This happens when the phone has not been placed on the handset snugly or when the hang-up button has been tapped quickly. Reboot your phone by pressing Menu → 12 → OK.

Can I still use Google Voice for my voicemail?

The new Metronet system includes an option for voicemail; however, you can set your phone up to forward to a Google Voice number to capture messages if you prefer.
Updated: 1/19/2017