Google Apps: 2-Step Verification for existing accounts

With 2-Step Verification, you will protect your Google Apps account not only with your password, but also on other devices you use.

2-Step Verification on your computer

  1. Browse to
    1. For Email, enter your full email address (e.g.,
    2. For Password, enter your Google Apps Account password
    3. Click Sign in
  2. Open your account settings
    1. Click your username or picture in the upper right corner
    2. Click Account
      Image of account setting 
    3. Go to the Sign-in & security section, click Signing in to Google
      Image of Signing In
    4. In the Password & sign-in method section, click 2-Step Verification
      Image of 2-Step Verification
    5. In the 2-step verification section, click Start setup >>
      Image of Start Setup
    6. At the Please re-enter your password window
      1. Enter your Password
      2. Click Sign in
    7. At the Set up your phone window
      1. For Which phone should we send codes to?
        1. For Phone number, enter the 10-digit number of the phone that you want Google to send the numeric code whenever there is a sign in attempt from an untrusted computer or device
        2. For How should we send you codes?, select either Text message (SMS) or Voice Call
        3. Click Send code
          Image of which phone
        4. At the Verify your phone window
          1. For Enter verification code, enter the 6-digit number sent to the phone you set up above
          2. Click Verify
            Image of verify phone
      2. At the Trust this computer? window
        1. Select Trust this computer
        2. Click Next
          Image of trust computer
          Note: As a security measure, trusted computers only ask for verification codes once every 30 days. Do not choose this option if you share a computer with another person or if you are using a public computer. We also recommend setting up a secure password to access your computer and putting your computer to sleep whenever you step away from it.
      3. At the Confirm window
        1. Click Confirm
          Image of confirm
    8. 2-Step Verification has been successfully turned on for this account

Do not forget your mobile device(s)

Next, go to Google Apps: 2-Step Verification on your mobile device(s) to set up your smartphone, iPad or other mobile device(s).
Updated: 1/10/2017