Creating HTML emails

To create HTML (i.e., web format) emails in Google Apps Mail, you must create it in Adobe Dreamweaver or other HTML editing program. Also, all images or related files need to be stored on the Internet and they cannot be attachments to the Google Apps Mail message.

To create an HTML email

  • Create the page in Dreamweaver or other HTML editor.
  • Upload the page to a Web server so you can view it in a browser.
  • In the browser, copy all the content.
    • If you have Windows
      • Press Ctrl-A to select all content.
      • Press Ctrl-C to copy.
    • If you have a Mac
      • Press Command-A to select all content.
      • Press Command-C to copy.
  • In Google Apps Mail
      • Click Compose.
      • Select Rich formatting (Note: If Plain Text is displayed, then Rich formatting is enabled; otherwise, click Rich formatting.)
        Google Mail compose bar
      • Paste the content into the email.
          • For Windows, press Ctrl-V.
          • For Mac, press Command-V.

Updated: 1/17/2017