Google Voice as your voicemail

Google Voice can be setup as an alternative to voicemail by creating a Google Voice number and forwarding your office phone to it. Learn more about Google Voice.

To setup Google Voice follow these three (3) steps

1. Create a Google Voice number

  1. Log in to Google Apps (e.g. email).
  2. Click MoreEven more.
    Image of More, Even more
  3. Scroll down to the  Home & Office section, click Voice.
    Image of Voice
  4. At the Getting started window, verify the I accept Google Voice’s Terms and Privacy Policy button is selected, and then click Proceed.
    Image of getting started screen
  5. At the Set up your Google Voice number window, click I want a new number.
    Image of Setting up Google Voice screen
  6. At the Add a forwarding phone window, enter your campus phone number, select Work from the drop-down menu, and then click Continue.
    Image of recording phone dialog box
  7. At the Verify your phone window
    1. Be at the location of the phone number you typed in for #6.
    2. Click Call me now.
    3. Answer your phone.
    4. Enter the provided 2-digit verification code when prompted.

    Image of confirming phone dialog box

  8. At the Choose your number window
    1. For Area or zip code, type “46135” (without the quotes).
    2. Click Search numbers.
      Image of Search Numbers
  9. At the Results window, select a number that is local to Greencastle, and then click Continue. (Note: For this example, I have chosen the first number listed in the results. If no local numbers are available, contact the HelpDesk at or  (765) 658-4294 for further assistance.)
    Image of Choose Your Number
  10. At the Congratulations! window, click Finish.

2. Forward your phone

  1. At the phone you are setting up, pickup the handset.
  2. Press *31 and dial the phone number where you want to forward your calls. Remember to dial “7” first to get an outside line and then dial the 7-digit number you setup for your Google Voice number without the area code.
  3. Listen for three tones; or, if your phone has a display, wait until Accepted is displayed.
  4. Hang up the handset.

(Note: To cancel call forwarding, dial #31.)

3. Finalize Google Voice settings

By default, Google Voice automatically forwards calls to the number you setup in step #9 above. You want to disable this for Google Voice to act as your voicemail.

  1. Log into your Google Apps email account.
  2. Click MoreEven more.
  3. Scroll down to the Home & Office section, click Voice.
  4. In the upper right corner of the Google Voice window, click on the image of a gear → Settings.
  5. In the Phones tab, deselect (i.e. remove the check) all boxes in the Forwards calls to section.


  • Check the settings of your Google Voice account to make sure calls are not forwarded to a phone number other than your own unless you want it to be forwarded elsewhere.
  • If you did not setup your greeting when you setup the Google Voice number, you can do so by going to the Voicemail & Text tab in the Google Voice settings.
  • For additional capabilities in Google Voice, browse to Google Voice Help.

Updated: 1/17/2017