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Software updates: Windows

To install Windows updates Click Start → Control Panel.   In the Control Panel window, click Windows Update. Click Change settings. In the Important updates section Select Install updates automatically (recommended) Click the Install new updates dropdown arrow, select Every day   Click the dropdown arrow, and then select the desired time for updates to install. […]

Basic Technology Information

Burning a CD or DVD Burning a CD or DVD: Mac. Burning a CD or DVD: Windows. New employee information For Faculty and Staff. Operating systems Mac Mac support. Learn more about the Mac OS. Learn how to find your specific Mac operating system. Windows Windows support. Learn how to find your specific Windows operating […]

Instructional Support & Software

Absence Preparedness Strategies and recommended technologies for classroom absences, such as campus emergencies, injuries or illness, off-campus athletic events, out-of-town conferences, family emergencies and so on. ChemDraw Chemical drawing and desktop chemical publishing program. DyKnow Classroom management and interactive learning software. Endnote Software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references. Contact Caroline Gilson […]

Installing Pdf995: Windows

Browse to www.pdf995.com/download.html. For Pdf995 Printer Driver, click Download. In the Opening pdf995s.exe window, click Save File. Double-click the file that was just saved. In the Open File – Security Warning window, click Run. In the setup window, click Yes. For Free Converter, click Download. In the Opening ps2pdf995.exe window, click Save File. Double-click the […]

Creating a PDF using Pdf995: Windows

Pdf995 enables you to create PDF files at no cost. Open the document. Click File → Print. For Printer, select PDF995. Click Print. In the Pdf995 Save As window Click the dropdown arrow to select the desired save location. For File name, type a filename. Click Save to save the PDF in the Documents folder. […]

Creating a PDF: Mac

The Mac OS has built-in PDF creation capabilities. Open the document. Click File → Print… Click the dropdown arrow for PDF found in the lower left corner of the window. Select Save as PDF… In the Save dialog box For Save Ask, type a filename. For Where, click the dropdown arrow to select desired save location. […]


ChemDraw is the industry leader of chemical drawing and desktop chemical publishing programs. For anyone needing to create chemical structure drawings, for whatever purpose, ChemDraw™ is the software of choice. Information Services, in partnership with the Chemistry Department and the DePauw Laptop Initiative, is pleased to provide ChemDraw™ Standard Edition to all DePauw students, faculty […]

DyKnow: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you do not see the answer to your question below, browse to the DyKnow Help and Support Options article. To provide suggestions for this page, email DyKnow@depauw.edu. How do I install DyKnow on my computer? Where is DyKnow available on campus? What is the IP address of the DePauw DyKnow server? Can I run DyKnow […]

DyKnow quick guide for students

How do I install DyKnow? For students with a Windows machine, browse to DyKnow Vision 5.8: Installing on Windows Computers – Upgrading from Earlier Versions or First Time Install for instructions on how to install the DyKnow client program onto your computer. Mac users who require Virtual Desktop for a course should browse to Virtual Desktop for Macs […]

DyKnow Vision teacher tips

Dave Berque, January, 2007 Introduction: DyKnow Vision can be used in a variety of ways depending on your teaching style and pedagogical goals. In general, though, the system will be most effective if you use it to get the students to be actively engaged during the class. I. General Tips Tip 1 Here are some […]