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SANS: Specific Departments or Areas

The following six videos are targeted for specific departments or areas. Federal Tax Information 03:42 Any organization working with federal tax information is regulated by federal law and required to take specific steps to protect that data. This module explains what federal tax information is, and details the steps that must be taken to protect […]

2-Step Verification: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We hope you find the following FAQs to be helpful. Learn more about 2-Step Verification … Will I need to verify with 2-step each time I log in? What are the top 3 recommendations for 2-step verification? What if one doesn’t have a cell phone for the 2-step verification? I don’t always bring my phone […]

Box Manager

A Box Manager coordinates Box for their functional unit/department (i.e., area). The Box Manager should be a full-time University official with decision making responsibilities and management understanding of their area. Guidelines The Box Manager’s responsibilities include: Collaborating with the area’s Data Steward to coordinate the Box folder structure. Managing the folder structure for their area. […]

Google Apps: 2-Step Verification on your mobile device(s)

When using 2-Step Verification, you will also need to set up this additional security measure on your mobile device(s); otherwise, you may receive a “password incorrect” error message when trying to access your Google Apps account on your mobile device. Google provides information and instructions on Apps Password in the How to generate an App […]