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Instructional Support & Software

Absence Preparedness Strategies and recommended technologies for classroom absences, such as campus emergencies, injuries or illness, off-campus athletic events, out-of-town conferences, family emergencies and so on. ChemDraw Chemical drawing and desktop chemical publishing program. DyKnow Classroom management and interactive learning software. Endnote Software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references. Contact Caroline Gilson […]

DyKnow quick guide for students

How do I install DyKnow? For students with a Windows machine, browse to DyKnow Vision 5.8: Installing on Windows Computers – Upgrading from Earlier Versions or First Time Install for instructions on how to install the DyKnow client program onto your computer. Mac users who require Virtual Desktop for a course should browse to Virtual Desktop for Macs […]


DyKnow enables instructors and students to interactively share, annotate, save, retrieve and replay material during and after class. Tablets and other pen-based devices provide the optimal environment for the use of DyKnow, but also it can be used on a variety of hardware, including desktop and laptop classrooms. Included in the software suite are DyKnow […]

Securing devices

Try not to limit security because of the device you are using. Taking steps to secure your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and/or other mobile device not only keeps your data safe, but also is a proactive step in protecting the campus network, including the data stored and shared over the network. Install antivirus software Reduce […]


Learn about your different IT accounts There are two (2) separate IT accounts that you need to maintain – 1. Google Apps Account and 2. DePauw Account. When you change your password on one account, it will not automatically change your password for the other account. 1. Google Apps for Education Account Google Apps for […]