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2-Step Verification: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We hope you find the following FAQs to be helpful. Learn more about 2-Step Verification … Will I need to verify with 2-step each time I log in? What are the top 3 recommendations for 2-step verification? What if one doesn’t have a cell phone for the 2-step verification? I don’t always bring my phone […]

On-campus phones: Voicemail

The voicemail system is menu driven so you can listen to the voice prompts, and then press the keys on your phone to select the option you would like. You can also access your voicemail setting through the CommPortal, including forwarding messages as an email. Setting up your voicemail Lift the handset. Press the Messages key. […]

Phones: Landlines

DePauw’s campus telephones are on a Hosted PBX phone service that is powered by Cinergy Metronet’s fiber optic network. Each phone has an LCD screen with softkeys whose functions change depending on the context of the menu that is currently being accessed. An automatic reboot of all phones is scheduled for 12 p.m. daily. If […]

On-campus phones: Call handling

Making calls Internal calls Lift the handset. Listen for the dial tone. Dial the 4-digit extension or 0 (i.e., zero) for the DePauw operator. There is a three second delay before the phone dials the number. Press the # key after you enter the number to begin dialing immediately. External calls Lift the handset. Listen […]

Mac: Keychain

The password management system on a Mac is called Keychain. Although you may find it convenient to have all your passwords stored in one location, it opens up your computer to various vulnerabilities, including identity theft. For example, various tools that extract keychain data have been developed and openly shared by hackers, poorly encrypted Keychain files are […]