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Box: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We hope you find the following FAQs to be helpful. Learn more about Box … Where do I go to log into Box? What are the advantages of Box compared to how we currently store information? Do I need to manually add or remove staff members to our Box department folder when they change departments […]

Box Manager

A Box Manager coordinates Box for their functional unit/department (i.e., area). The Box Manager should be a full-time University official with decision making responsibilities and management understanding of their area. Guidelines The Box Manager’s responsibilities include: Collaborating with the area’s Data Steward to coordinate the Box folder structure. Managing the folder structure for their area. […]

Network: Learn About the Network

Primary network operating system Network drives Access rights Connecting to network drives Virtual Private Network (VPN) Residence halls and university-owned living units Wireless access on campus Need help? Primary network operating system DePauw’s primary network operating system is Microsoft Active Directory, which is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Active Directory enables faculty, […]