Box: Default Storage for Files

Box is DePauw’s default storage for work files that students, staff and faculty can access, manage and share from anywhere. A Personal folder is initially set up for students, staff and faculty that has unlimited storage space in which they are the only user with access to it.  Each department or functional unit (i.e., area) will select a Box Manager who coordinates Box for their area.

To learn more about the rollout, go to Box at DePauw.

Box Manager

Go to Box Manager to find helpful guidelines.

Logging in

Go to Login: Box for step-by-step instructions on how to log in to Box using your DePauw username and password.

Access levels (roles)

Go to Box’s What Are The Different Access Levels For Collaborators? chart to determine the permissions you want to request when sharing your content.

Box folder structure

Go to Box folder structure to learn more about how to request access to your area/department Box folder and basic structure of Box folders.

Waterfall permissions

Go to Folder and Subfolder Permissions to learn how Box follows a waterfall design for folder permissions.

Box Apps Matrix

The Box Apps – Matrix is a spreadsheet that lists the Box Apps that have been researched as well as their availability to the DePauw community. (Note: You must be logged in to your Google Apps account to access this file.)

Complete the Box Apps Request Form to submit Apps you would like considered for activation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Box FAQs provides answers to the top questions that are most frequently asked by users.

Additional resources

Box at DePauw User Guide

In the Box User Guide, you will learn how to share, access and manage your Box content.

General information about data (not Box-specific)

Backing up your computer

Go to Backing up your computer to find out about important files to backup, common options for backup and backup intervals.

File management

Go to File management to learn about options for managing files and suggestions for file management.

Managing data

Go to Managing data to find out more about different types of data, managing your files, DePauw’s VPN, backing up your computer, data retention and destruction, FERPA and HIPAA.
Updated: 10/4/2017