SANS: Continuing Education Series

The Continuing Education Series is comprised of the following three modules:

Hacked 02:19

No matter how effective and secure employees are, there will be incidents. This module focuses on how employees can identify and report an incident. It also covers things to look for, such as passwords no longer working or virus alerts, and whom to report an incident to.

Cloud Services 02:37

Cloud services enable data storage and sharing, potentially increasing employee productivity while reducing organizational costs. However, employees must understand that authorized use of Cloud services must occur safely and securely. This module explains these risks to employees and how to safely use authorized Cloud providers.

Physical Security 02:22

Physical security is an important component of information security. This module explains how attackers will attempt to trick and fool their way into restricted areas. We also discuss how employees can protect the physical security of their facilities, the importance of proper information disposal, and maintaining physical control of any devices while traveling.

Updated: 4/11/2017