SANS Securing the Human

The SANS Securing the Human (STH) instructional materials are a series of short online video tutorials available to staff and faculty through a DePauw subscription. Each tutorial is followed by a couple of questions to ensure that you understood the tutorial’s most important points.

As an important part of DePauw’s strategy for CyberSecurity protection, the Information Security Committee expects all staff and faculty members to participate in the Core Education Series and encourages participation in the Continuing Education Series as well as applicable  SANS: Specific Departments or Areas modules.

Core Education Series

The Core Education Series includes 15 videos categorized around what you can do to ensure information security (e.g., email, social media, passwords, file management, secure Wi-Fi, etc.) and what you should know about protecting data (e.g., privacy laws, FERPA, HIPAA, etc.). Overall, the complete Core Education Series takes less than 50 minutes of total time, which includes the follow-up questions. Learn more at SANS: Core Education Series Module Descriptions.

Continuing Education Series

There are three videos available in the Continuing Education Series: Hacked, Cloud Services, and Physical Security. Learn more at SANS: Continuing Education Series Module Descriptions.

Specific Departments or Areas

There are six videos relevant to specific departments/areas that are available for department heads to consider for thier area. Learn more at SANS: Specific Departments or Areas.

Logging in / resetting your password

Go to Login: SANS Securing the Human (STH) for step-by-step instructions on logging in and resetting your password.

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Updated: 1/19/2017