Connecting to DePauwSecure: Android

If your Android phone does not automatically connect to DePauwSecure, complete the following step-by-step instructions to connect. (Note: You may have to press down on the setting for a few seconds for all the options to display.)

  1. Go to Settings → Wireless & Networks → Wi-Fi.
    Image of Wi-Fi
  2. Press DePauwSecure.
  3. At the DePauwSecure screen (Note: If you have a Google Pixel XL phone, please skip to #4.)
    1. If Phase 2 authentication is available, choose MSCHAPV2.
    2. Leave CA certificate as (Unspecified).
    3. For Identity, enter your DePauw Account username.
    4. Leave Anonymous identity blank.
    5. For Enter password, enter your DePauw account password. (Note: This is the same as your e-Services password.)
    6. Click Save.
  4. For Google Pixel XL phones
    1. For EAP method, select PEAP.
    2. Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2.
    3. For CA Certificate, use System Certificate.
    4. For Domain: type “” (without the quotes).
    5. Your login credentials.
    6. Click Connect.

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Updated: 2/17/2017