Installing SPSS 24: Mac

SPSS 24 licensing is a one-year license. The following instructions were written with Mac 10.9.4 (Mavericks), so there may be slight differences if you are installing on a different operating system.

  1. Follow the Temporarily disable Gatekeeper instructions if you have a Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or newer operating system.
  2. Click SPSS_Statistics_24_MAC.dmg.  (Note: If you are not already logged in to your Google Apps Account, you will be prompted to enter your username and password.)
  3. Go to the location where your downloads are saved, drag SPSS_Statistics_ss_mac.dmg to your desktop.
  4. Double-click SPSS_Statistics_24_mac.dmg.
  5. In the SPSSStatistics window, double-click SPSS_Statistics_Installer.
    Image of SPSS installer app
  6. If asked “Are you sure you want to open it?”, click Open.
    Open SPSS screen
  7. To allow changes to your computer, enter the Username and Password you use to log in to your computer.
    1. Click Install Helper.
      Image of Mac security screen
  8. The IBM SPSS Statistics setup wizard will display.
    1. At the language selection window, click OK.
      Image of SPSS install screen
    2. At the Introduction window, click Next.
      SPSS Introduction screen
    3. At the Software License Agreement window, read the agreement, select I accept the terms in the license agreement  Next.
      SPSS Accept Terms screen
    4. At the Python Essentials window, select YesNext.
      SPSS Python Essentials screen
    5. At the Python License Agreement window, read the agreement, select I accept the terms of the License AgreementNext.
      SPSS Python license screen
    6. At the Choose Install Folder window, click Next.
      Image of SPSS Install location screen
    7. At the Pre-Installation Summary window, click Install.
      Image of SPSS Install screen
    8. At the Install Complete window, click Done.
      Image of SPSS Install Complete screen
    9. At the IBM SPSS Statistics Extension Hub screen, click License Product.
      Image of SPSS License Product screen
    10. At the License Status window, click Next.
      Image of SPSS license screen
    11. At the Product Authorization window, select Authorized user license → Next.
      Image of SPSS License Type screen
    12. At the Enter Codes window, enter the license code you received in your DePauw Google Apps email → Next.
      Image od SPSS license code screen
    13. At the Internet Authorization Status window, click Next.
      Image of SPSS authorization screen
    14. At the Licensing Completed window, click Finish.
      Image of SPSS licensing complete screen
  9. Close all open installation windows.

Updated: 1/17/2017