Email a group of people

Email is an important resource for academic and administrative communications. All mass email communications are governed by Information Technology Policies.

Options for emailing groups

Official email list

Official lists, also called position or role-specific lists, are populated by nature of members’ positions, roles or responsibilities at the institution. Membership is generally mandatory and members are typically not allowed to opt-out. Examples of official lists include,,, etc.

Opt-in email list

Opt-in lists are established and managed by a  department, program or similar University representative, a.k.a. owner, to facilitate communication and/or coordination around a particular topic or theme. Membership is generally voluntary and members must be provided the choice to opt-out. Examples of opt-in lists include,,, etc.

Shared email account

A shared email account is similar to an opt-in email list, except the owner delegates access with other members of the group in order for them to read, send and delete messages. Learn more about setting up mail delegation.

Contact group

You can create your own contact groups within your mailbox. Contact groups are visible only to you. Learn more about contact groups.

Google Group

Google Groups not only enables members to receive their own email, but also archived messages can be read on a Web page dedicated to the group. Learn more about Google Groups.

e-Services email list

Email lists for sending ad-hoc or one-time broadcast messages to targeted students, faculty and/or staff can be created through e-Services upon request under the protocol defined in DePauw University’s Mass Email List Policy. In most cases, a message of this type will be emailed on behalf of the requesting party by a designated representative of the approving office or official, not by the requester.

System-specific email list

Some University IT systems provide a built-in utility for users to send mass emails to other users in the system. For example, Moodle instructors can email students enrolled in a Moodle course. This functionality is intended to facilitate course-related communication between the course instructor and students.

Q&A table 

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Requesting a Special Group Email List or Special Account

To request a new special group email list or other special account, complete the Special Account or Group Email List Request. (Note: You must be logged into your Google Apps account to access this form.) Requests will be considered and approved according to the protocols defined in the DePauw University Mass Email List Policy and Google Groups Policy.
Updated: 1/17/2017