Participating in a Wiki 2.3

A wiki is a collaborative journal entry that two or more participants can edit it. ..

Wiki’s menu bar

A wiki’s menu bar consists of the following tabs:




Opens an editing window where you can make changes to the wiki, such as type and format text, insert videos, images, formulas, links, etc.


Enables participants to leave comments to a specific wiki.


Summarizes changes made to a wiki and enables you to restore the wiki to a previous version.


The map contains links to all wiki pages that you have access to. These links are organized depending on a setting that determines how and which links are shown.



Creating a page

  1. Click on the desired wiki on the course page.
  2. Click New in the My course block.
  3. At the Create page window
    1. For NEW PAGE TITLE, enter a desired name for the forum.
    2. For FORMAT, select the desired editing format from HTML FORMAT, CREOLE FORMAT or NWIKI FORMAT.
    3. Click Create page.

Editing a page

  1. In the Editing this page window, you can edit the wiki utilizing standard text editing and formatting tools like changing font, font size, font attributes, alignment, insert a link, make bullet points or numerical lists, insert an image, etc.)
  2. Click the ABC icon to have Moodle underline misspelled words.
  3. Click Preview to view the changes you made.
  4. Continue editing until you have made all the changes you desire. Click Save to post your entry to the wiki or Cancel if you decide you do not like the changes.

Restoring a previous version of a wiki

Moodle saves all versions of a wiki that you created and you can restore any version that you need.

  1. Click on the History tab in the wiki’s menu bar.
  2. Click on the number in the Version column to load a previous version.
  3. Click (RESTORE THIS VERSION) to use this version.

  4. Click Yes to confirm that you would like to restore it or No to stop restoring it. If the message Manage wiki permission needed. More information about this error. displays, you cannot restore any version of the wiki because its settings will not allow it. These settings are managed by your professor and you will need to contact your professor for further assistance.
    1. To view and compare different versions of a wiki, click History.
    2. In the column Diff, select two wikis that you want to compare, and then click Compare selected, which is found below the table.

Adding pages within a wiki

  1. Open a wiki to the place that you want to add pages to.
  2. Click the Edit tab.
  3. Type in a name of a page in double squared brackets.
  4. After you save changes to this wiki, page names will appear in red.
  5. Click on the red link.
  6. Edit the new page, and then save the changes. At this time, the red text will turn from red to blue.

Adding comments to a wiki

  1. Click the Comments tab.
  2. Click Add comment.
  3. Type in your comments.
  4. Click Save changes.

Updated: 1/19/2017