Mac: Keychain

The password management system on a Mac is called Keychain. Although you may find it convenient to have all your passwords stored in one location, it opens up your computer to various vulnerabilities, including identity theft. For example, various tools that extract keychain data have been developed and openly shared by hackers, poorly encrypted Keychain files are easily accessed by thieves who steal your laptop, etc.

Important: At DePauw we highly recommend you do not use Keychain to store your passwords.

Hold for Authentication error

The following Hold for Authentication error issue is displayed when you have an incorrect password in your Keychain. Click Refresh.

Then, enter your computer login username and password, click OK and then proceed to the section below to remove the password.

To remove saved passwords from your Keychain

  1. Click the Apple in the top left of your window → Go → Utilities.
    Image of Apple menu go utilities
  2. Double-click Keychain
    Image of Keychain Access
  3. At the top left of the screen, click the image of the lock to unlock the login keychain.
    Image of Keychain Lock
  4. Enter your computer password, one then click OK.
    Image of computer password 
  5. In the Category section of the left column, select Passwords.
    Image of Keychain passwords 
  6.  Right-click on the account that has a saved password, and then select the option to Delete…
    Image of Keychain delete password
  7. Click Delete.
    Image of Keychain confirm delete 
  8. Repeat this process for each account in which you want to delete the password.
  9. At the top left of the screen, click the image of the unlocked lock to lock the login keychain.
  10. Quit Keychain Access.

Updated: 2/1/2017