Moodle 2.7 Overview for Students

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Course page overview

Activities on Moodle

What is Moodle?

Moodle is DePauw’s learning management system. Moodle enables students to access course materials and submit electronic documents securely.

Moodle works best with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for both the Macintosh and Windows environments. Click on the link to one of the browsers to download the latest version of it.


A Moodle course is automatically created for every class offered through the Registrar’s Office. Every faculty member, staff member and student is automatically setup with a Moodle user account.

During the drop/add adjustment period, changes in enrollments will be completed automatically on an hourly basis. There may be a short time lag of 1-2 hours during business hours between the time the Office of the Registrar processes the drop/add request and the change is seen on Moodle. Manually added students will be dropped from Moodle within the hour with the current frequency of updates. Students needing access to class materials before they are automatically enrolled in a course should contact their professor for those materials.

Login to Moodle

How do I log into Moodle?

  1. Browse to
  2. Enter your Username and Password for your DePauw account.
  3. Click Login.
Student Overview Moodle 2.7 - Student Login

Lost Password

Change or reset password 

Instructions on changing your DePauw account password can be found on the Change password: DePauw Account page. Information will be sent to your DePauw Google Mail account.

Reset a forgotten password

If you have forgotten your DePauw account password and/or your DePauw Google email account, visit the HelpDesk located on the lower level of the Memorial Student Union Building. You will need to present your DePauw ID card when asking to have passwords reset.

Your Moodle Home page

After logging into Moodle, you will see your Moodle home page. In the upper-right side of the window, you see your login information as well as the logout button. The middle column displays DePauw-specific information about Moodle, information on the code of conduct and Site News. Site News is used to communicate scheduled maintenance times and other Moodle announcements. The outer columns have links to your courses, profile, grades, etc.

Your user profile

As with any Web page, you should be careful about posting personal information on Moodle. We recommend using an appropriate photo of yourself because the whole campus can see it.

To access your profile

  1. In the Navigation block, click My profile → View profile.

To edit your Moodle user profile

  1. In the Navigation block, click My profile settings → Edit profile.
    Student Overview Moodle 2.7 - Administration - Profile Settings
  2. Make your desired updates.
  3. Click Update profile at the bottom of the window to save changes.

Accessing a Course

To access a course

  1. Click My courses in the Navigation block on the left side of the window.
  2. Click the semester (i.e., Fall 2015, etc.).
  3. Click on the name of the course.

Student Overview Moodle 2.7 - My Courses

No Current Courses

If My courses does not show a course you are currently enrolled in, your professor may not use Moodle for the course. If your professor does use Moodle for the course and you still cannot see it, email your professor to ask that the course be made visible to students.

Course Page Overview

The background theme of your Moodle course may differ from this example.

Student Overview Moodle 2.7 - Course Navigation

Top Section

Links to resources

The top section has a menu bar that contains links to the Moodle landing page in the IT KnowledgeBase, DePauw University home page, Libraries and DePauw Google email.

Login information

This contains the log in link as well as a link to log out of Moodle.

Course navigation bar

The course navigation bar is often referred to as the breadcrumb trail because you can click on any of the active links to go back to a previous page.
Student Overview Moodle 2.7 - Navigation Bar


The outside columns of the course page contain blocks that have a title, a show(+) / hide (-) toggle button and a content area.

Left Column

Navigation block

The navigation block contains links to your home page, site pages, profile and courses.

People block

The people block contains a list of people enrolled in the course.

Administration block

The administration block contains links to your grades and profile settings.

Activities block

The activities block contains a list of links to activities in the course.

Search Forums block

The search forums block is a simple search engine that allows a student to search for words forum title and text sections.

Filtered course list block

The filtered course lists current semester courses.

Right column

Latest News block

The latest news block lists the latest items a professor has posted in the News forums.

Upcoming Events block

The upcoming events block links to the Calendar and displays upcoming calendar events and deadlines.

Recent Activity block

The recent activity block lists changes to the course since the last time a student logged in.

Library Course Reserves block

The library course reserves block enables a student to access the Library Course Reserves system.

Middle Column

This column contains materials that professors make available for students such as syllabus, office hours, readings, homework, assignments, activities, etc. The number of sections and their headings (i.e., topics or weeks) depends on how the professor has organized the course.

Bottom section

The bottom row of a Moodle course lists your login information, a link to logout and a link to your home page in Moodle.

Library Course Reserves block

The Lbrary course reserves that are available in your Moodle course are only available to you during that course’s term.

To access Library Course Reserves

  1. Click Library Course Reserves in the Library Course Reserves block in the right column. A new Web page will open containing the course’s library reserves.
  2. If asked, login using your DePauw account username and password.
  3. Click on a file name to view it.
  4. Click Save file and choose a desired destination.

Downloading a file from Moodle

You can download different files from your Moodle course, including Word documents, PDFs (Note: They take some time to print on university printers), etc.a…

To download any file from Moodle

    1. Click on the file.
    2. It will be saved to your Downloads folder.


Moodle can record grades for activities if your professor has set up the gradebook.  The total number of points listed might not always reflect all the grades in the class so ask your professor for clarification.

To view your grades on Moodle

  1. In the Administration block, click Course Administration → Grades.
    Student Overview Moodle 2.7 - Administration - Grades
  2. View your grades and feedback for a specific course by clicking on User report. Student Overview Moodle 2.7 - User Report
  1. Click on Overview report to access a list of classes and grades.
    Student Overview Moodle 2.7 - Overview Report


Moodle courses are saved for three semesters. We recommend that you save your courses as soon as possible if you want to keep the materials of a course long-term.

Most Common Activities on Moodle


An assignment allows students to upload file(s) to Moodle.


Quizzes on Moodle have different types of questions, such as calculated, matching, true/false, essay, multiple choice, etc.


A forum is a discussion board where professors can ask students to write their answers to questions about a discussion, reading assignment,  etc. Other students will often be asked to reply to their peers’ answers. Forums can be a graded activity.

Updated: 1/18/2017