Tips & Tricks

• Tech-notices are automatically sent to all faculty, staff and students at DePauw as a way of keeping the campus community informed of important information from the IT department. This important information is vital to your academic planning since maintenance outages, upgrades, new technologies, virus alerts and more are shared through this email notification.

• To ensure the optimal performance of your computer, we recommend you reinstall the network and print drivers at the beginning of each semester.

• Not only can you access DePauw’s network, but you can also create a secure browser by logging into the VPN.

• The First-Year Technology Checklist will assist all students with setting up their computers for the DePauw environment.

• As part of DePauw’s IT protocol, we NEVER ask you to disclose your password. Browse to the IT KnowledgeBase Spam article to learn about DePauw’s guidelines for official communications, including how you can report spam and phishing emails.

• After you have downloaded the appropriate print drivers and synced your ID card, follow these steps to print:

  1. Connect to the network.
  2. Send the print job from your document (e.g. Click File → Print) to the Canon printer/copier.
  3. Release the print job.

Updated: 1/16/2017