Downloading the VPN client: Mac

  1. Remove all previous VPNs from the Applications folder of your Macintosh HD.
  2. Open a browser. (Note: You must enable Java in your browser to be able to use the VPN.)
  3. Browse to
  4. At the Authentication Required window
    1. Enter your DePauw account username for Name.
    2. Enter your DePauw account password for Password.
    3. Click Login.

  5. Click Download FortiClient→ Mac.
  6. Go to where your downloads are saved, and then double-click FortiClientUpdate.dmg. If prompted by a warning about the file being downloaded from the Internet, click Open.

    1. In the Welcome to the FortiClient Installer window click Continue.
    2. Complete installation and run FortiClient.
    3. At the FortiClient Console window click Remote Access.
    4. At the VPN > Add Connection window

      1. Enter “DePauw VPN” (without the quotes) for Connection Name.
      2. Enter “DePauw VPN” (without the quotes) for Description.
      3. Enter “” (without the quotes) for Remote Gateway.
      4. Enter your DePauw account username for Username.
      5. Click Add.

    Updated: 1/18/2017