Google Groups

DePauw’s Google Apps for Education includes Google Groups, which is similar to a mailing list because it contains the email addresses of its members, but also has its own address.

General guidelines

  • Primary use is for official University business, including employee and student academic pursuits, and employee administrative, personnel and/or business matters.
  • It is the group owner’s responsibility to learn the system features necessary to manage the group settings and membership.
  • An opt-out option is to be given to members of the group.
  • Groups that are inactive for longer than 12 months or fail to conform to policy will be removed.

Learn more at DePauw’s Google Groups Policy.

Requesting a new group

To request a new Google Group, please complete the Request for a Special Group Email List form. (Note: You must be logged into your Google Apps account to access this form.)

Accessing groups

To access your Google Groups, click the Groups link on the top bar once you are logged into your Google Apps Account, and then click My Groups. At this point, your membership list will be displayed and it will include your:

Sending messages

You do not need to be logged into your Group’s Web page to send a message. You can easily send an email to the email address that is associated with your group. For example, you can log in to your Google Apps Account, click Compose and then type your Group email address in the To field to send all the members a message.

Members of a Google Group

Information is available on Google’s online help for the following:

Owners (Managers) of a Google Group

To comply with DePauw’s Google Groups Policy, the owner or manager of a Google Group is responsible for the following settings:

  • Group members must be given the option to opt-out. On the left side of the main page of your group
    • Click Settings → Email options. Go to the Email footer section, and select Display the Google Groups opt-out URL → Save.
  • System settings that are to remain unchanged. (Warning: Changing these settings will result in the removal of the Google Group.)
    • Group name.
    • Group email address.

Information is available on Google’s online help for the following:

Updated: 1/17/2017