Scanning to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional

  1. Place the document on the scanner bed.
  2. Open Adobe Acrobat Professional, click File Create PDF → From Scanner…
    Image of File, Create PDF, From Scanner
  3. In the Create PDF from Scanner window
    1. For Scanner, select the desired scanner.
    2. Deselect the Recognize Text Using OCR option.
    3. Click Scan.
      Image of Create PDF from Scanner dialog box
  4. In the hp scanning window.
    1. Select the desired scan area.
    2. Click Accept.
      Image of HP Scan Preview dialog box 
  5. In the Acrobat Scan window
    1. To scan additional pages, click Next.
    2. When finished scanning, click Done.
      Image of Acrobat Scan dialog box 
  6. Save the scanned document.

Updated: 1/18/2017