Scanning a picture or document using HP Scan

  1. Place the document on the scanner bed.
  2. Open the HP Solution Center.
  3. Select Scan Picture or Scan Document from the left-side navigation menu.
    Image of HP Scan
  4. In the Scanning from the Scan Document button (Solution Center) window
    1. Select the type of document or picture you are scanning.
    2. Click Scan.
      Image of scanning from...
  5. In the Save to file Save Options for the Scan Document button window.
    1. Select desired file type.
    2. Enter a name for the Base File Name.
    3. Click Browse… to select the save location.
    4. Click OK.
      Image of Scanning to...
  6. In the hp scanning preview window
    1. Select the desired scan area.
    2. Click Accept.
      Image of scan preview

Updated: 1/18/2017