Mac: Saving files with extensions for uploading to Moodle

If your Mac is not already set to show file extensions, we recommend setting this to Show all filename extensions to help track what file types are being used. (Note: The accepted standard for word processing at DePauw is Microsoft Word. Please save text assignments in Word format unless your professor says differently.)

Show all filename extensions

  1. Click on the desktop, and then select Finder and Preferences from the menu in the upper left-hand corner.
    ,Mac Preferences
  2. In the Finder Preferences window, select the Advanced tab → Show all filename extensions.
  3. Close the window.

Append file extension

When saving a document (i.e., file) that will be uploaded to Moodle, Mac users should select the box associated with Append file extension if it appears in their Save window; otherwise, the file may not be readable by Moodle.

Save File with File Extension on a Mac

Updated: 1/17/2017