Benefits of network printing

Focus on Sustainability

Our goal is to engage the entire campus community in learning to “print smarter” and reduce printing waste across campus. During the roll-out of the printer/copiers, we collaborated with the Sustainability Office to help the campus take advantage of new features and adopt printing practices that are environmentally sustainable.

  • Digital scanning to email or USB drive.
  • Duplex (double-sided) printing to conserve the amount of paper needed to print each document.
  • Secure swipe-to-release (i.e., proximity) printing, enabling you to send a print job that is held in a queue for four (4) hours until you arrive at the printer and swipe your ID card to release the print.
    • Confidential documents printed when you arrive at the printer/copier.
    • No more sorting through stacks of printouts at the printer/copier.

Additional Benefits

  • Solid Mac and Windows support.
  • Printing/copying from anywhere on campus that a printer/copier is available.
  • Deletion of print jobs at the printer/copier.
  • Color printing capabilities in more locations on campus.
  • Printer/copiers have an easier user-friendly interface.

Need help?

Contact the HelpDesk by

    • Calling us at (765) 658-4294.
    • Emailing us at
    • Visiting us on the lower level of the Student Union Building during our regular office hours of Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Updated: 4/17/2017