Burning a CD or DVD: Mac

  1. Click File → New Burn Folder.
    Image of new burn folder
  2. A Burn Folder will display on the desktop.
    Image of Burn Folder
  3. Save or drag the files or folders to be burned to the Burn Folder.
  4. Click File Burn “Burn Folder” to Disc…
    Image of burn Burn Folder to disk
  5. A window will be displayed asking you to insert a disc at which time you should insert a blank CD or DVD in to the CD or DVD player.
    Image of insert blank disk
  6. Type the name of the disc and click Burn.
    Image of name disk
  7. When the disc has finished burning, a new icon will be displayed on the desktop.
    Image of burned disk
  8. Drag the icon to the Trash to eject it.

Updated: 1/16/2017