Scan and store to USB on a color printer/copier

  1. Go to a color printer/copier.
  2. Swipe your DePauw ID card by the card reader.
    Image of card reader
  3. Press Login & Access Functions.
  4. Insert your document face up in the document feeder.
    Image of document feeder
  5. Insert a USB drive in the port on the right of the printer/copier.
    Image of USB port
  6. Press Scan and Store.
    Image of Scan and Store
  7. Press Memory Media.
    Image of Memory Media
  8. Select Memory Media (A:).
    Image of Memory Media
  9. Press Scan. (Note: If you are saving to a folder on the Canon printer/copier, select the folder where you want the document stored.)
    Image of scan
  10. Press File Name to create a name for your document.
    Image of File Name
  11. Type a name, and then press OK.
    Image of document name
  12. Press the green Start button to scan your file.
    Image of Start
  13. Verify the document has been saved to your USB drive by finding the new document name, and then remove the USB drive by pressing the green arrow at the bottom right of the screen.
    Image of scan and store screen
  14. Press Remove, remove the USB drive, and then press Log Out.
    Image of remove USB drive

Updated: 1/19/2017