Scan and store to USB on a black & white printer/copier

  1. Go to a black & white printer/copier.
  2. Swipe your DePauw ID card by the card reader.
    Image of card reader
  3. Press Login & Access Functions.
    Image of Login and Access Functions
  4. Place the document face up in the document feeder.
    Image of document feeder
  5. Insert a USB drive in the slot on the left side of the printer/copier.
    Image of USB port
  6. Press Mail Box (USB) at the top of the window.
    Image of Mail Box (USB)
  7. Press Memory Media.
    Image of Memory Media
  8. If not already selected, press Memory Media (A:).
    Image of Memory Media
  9. Press Scan → Document Name.
    Image of Document Name
  10. Type a name for the file and press Done.
  11. Press the green Start button.
    Image of control panel
  12. Press ID to log out, and then remove the USB drive from the printer/copier.

Updated: 1/19/2017