Copying on a black & white printer/copier

  1. Go to a black & white Canon printer/copier.
  2. Swipe your DePauw ID card by the card reader.
    Image of card reader
  3. Press Login & Access Functions.
    Image of login and access functions
  4. Place the document face up in the document feeder.
    Image of document feeder
  5. To copy a double-sided document or to make a double-sided copy, press 2-Sided.
    Image of black and white copy screen 
  6. Select the appropriate preferences and press OK.
    Image of copy 2-sided screen
  7. To staple the copies, press Staple. (Note: You can only staple copies if the Staple button is available as not all printer/copiers support this function. Also, the Mac environment does not have the option for stapling.)
    Image of staple screen
  8. Enter the number of copies you need and press the green Start button.
    Image of control panel
  9. Press ID to log out.

Updated: 1/19/2017