Wireless access on campus

Wireless network access is available in all academic buildings, administrative buildings and student living units that are on campus.

DePauw’s policy on personal wireless access points

Personal access points or routers are prohibited. These cause interference with the DePauw access points, which results in poor performance for other wireless users nearby as well as they pose a security risk. If these devices are discovered attached to the DePauw network, they will be disconnected without warning.

DePauw’s WiFi networks

DePauwSecure DePauwGuest
Requires login Yes, required login using DePauw Account credentials No, open for Internet browsing without login
Available for Faculty, staff and students with DePauw Account Guests of DePauw University
Security Enhanced/Secure

Encrypts data passed between device and access point


No data encryption or additional security

Connects to DePauwSecure DePauwGuest
Internet, including Web-based campus services (e.g., Moodle, e-Services, mail.depauw.edu, etc.)
Yes Yes
Network Printers & Copiers Yes Yes
Network Drives (i.e., P:, I:, U:, etc.) Yes Yes


The DePauwSecure network encrypts all data traveling between your device and the access point. We recommend using this network, whenever possible, for the best security and performance.

DePauwSecure provides

  • Connection speeds up to 130Mbps (Megabits per second).
  • Access is permitted to both the Internet and internal DePauw network servers and resources, such as network printing and file shares.
  • Uses your standard DePauw account username and password to connect. (Note: Typically, you will be prompted to log in one-time during the initial set up.)

Setting up a connection to DePauwSecure

Most devices can be set up to automatically connect to DePauwSecure. The following step-by-step instructions contain the information you need to set up your connection:


DePauwGuest is an open network that we provide as a courtesy for guests of DePauw University, to support the few device types that do not allow connections to encrypted networks, and to temporarily to faculty, staff and students experiencing issues connecting to DePauwSecure.

  • Data is not encrypted traveling between your device and the access point. (Note: If using an HTTPS website, then data is encrypted between your device and the remote site.)
  • Connection speeds may have a lower priority than DePauwSecure.
  • Connect without logging in.


  • Apply wireless security updates as they become available.
  • The further you are from the wireless router the slower your connection speed.
  • Using wireless decreases your battery life.
  • Electronic devices (e.g. gaming systems, microwaves, phones, etc.) can interfere with your wireless connection.
  • When setting up access on your phone, you may need to press the setting you are choosing for a few seconds for all the options to display.


Go to the Wireless: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) article.

Additional resources on wireless

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Updated: 1/25/2017