SANS: Specific Departments or Areas

The following six videos are targeted for specific departments or areas.

Federal Tax Information 03:42

Any organization working with federal tax information is regulated by federal law and required to take specific steps to protect that data. This module explains what federal tax information is, and details the steps that must be taken to protect data in order to keep your organization compliant.

Help Desk 03:38

The help desk is often a targeted group within an organization. These people are trained to communicate with and assist a variety of strangers over the phone. As such, additional steps must be taken to both educate and protect these individuals.

IT Staff 04:19

Your Information Technology or IT staff has privileged access to your critical systems, and it is very important that they are secure. This module discusses how IT staff can protect themselves and the organization, including proper use of privileged accounts, limiting the information shared, and how to detect if a system is compromised.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 02:46

Prerequisite: Data Security and Data Destruction module.

If your organization stores, transmits, or processes any cardholder data, it is required to follow PCI DSS. This module teaches what cardholder data is and the required steps for protecting and safely handling it.

Criminal Justice 03:26

The criminal justice and law enforcement communities have several unique requirements for the use and handling of information they collect in their daily jobs and activities. This module explains those requirements, including authorized and unauthorized information sharing, data access, and how to avoid unsafe behaviors.

Senior Leadership 04:32

Senior leadership is often one of the most challenging groups to train due to their limited time and access. This module condenses all the key topics senior leadership needs to know in a single, high-impact training session.

Updated: 4/11/2017