VPN: SonicWALL Mobile Connect

SonicWALL Mobile Connect is an app you can install for VPN access to DePauw’s network. It is particularly helpful to those individuals with the Mac Sierra operating system.

  • On your device, go to Google Play and search for SonicWALL Mobile Connect.
  • Click Install → Accept → Open.
  • Click Add connection
    • For Name:, enterdepauw” (without the asterisks).
    • For Server:, enter “remote.depauw.edu” (without the asterisks).
    • At the Security warning screen, click Continue.
      • If it asks you about connecting to “remote.depauw.edu:443”, click No.
    • For Name:, enter your DePauw Account username. (Note: Your DePauw Account is the same as your e-Services account.)
    • For Password:, enter your DePauw Account password.
    • For Domain:, enter “depauw.edu” (without the asterisks).
    • Click Save. (Note: This is the icon that looks like a computer disk and it is found in the upper right corner.)
    • To turn on SonicWALL, move the slider that is located in the VPN row and depauw column to the right.
      • At Allow connection, click OK.
      • If a Security warning box displays, click Continue.
    • You are now connected through the VPN.

Updated: 2/22/2017