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DyKnow Vision: Installing on Windows computers for the first time

DyKnow Vision runs on most Windows-based computers, as well as on Macintosh computers using Virtual Desktop. Mac users who require Virtual Desktop for a course can download the client following Virtual Desktop for Macs Running Windows Applications instructions. Mac users will not need to install DyKnow, instead they will use Virtual Desktop to access DyKnow. […]

DyKnow: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you do not see the answer to your question below, browse to the DyKnow Help and Support Options article. To provide suggestions for this page, email How do I install DyKnow on my computer? Where is DyKnow available on campus? What is the IP address of the DePauw DyKnow server? Can I run DyKnow […]

DyKnow quick guide for students

How do I install DyKnow? For students with a Windows machine, browse to DyKnow Vision 5.8: Installing on Windows Computers – Upgrading from Earlier Versions or First Time Install for instructions on how to install the DyKnow client program onto your computer. Mac users who require Virtual Desktop for a course should browse to Virtual Desktop for Macs […]

DyKnow Vision teacher tips

Dave Berque, January, 2007 Introduction: DyKnow Vision can be used in a variety of ways depending on your teaching style and pedagogical goals. In general, though, the system will be most effective if you use it to get the students to be actively engaged during the class. I. General Tips Tip 1 Here are some […]

DyKnow: Helpful instructor tips

DyKnow can be used in a variety of ways depending on your teaching style and pedagogical goals. It is most effective when it is used to actively engage the students during the class. The following is a condensed version of Dave Berque’s DyKnow Vision Teacher Tips – Full Version. General technical tips for starting a […]

DyKnow: Help and support options

Where can I find help? On-campus support Go to DyKnow Quick Guide for Students for step-by-step instructions. For help with installing DyKnow, as well as the Virtual Desktop for Mac users, contact Student Technology Support at or call x1093. Use DyKnow’s built-in help function found at the end of the ribbon bar by clicking Help → Contents. […]


DyKnow enables instructors and students to interactively share, annotate, save, retrieve and replay material during and after class. Tablets and other pen-based devices provide the optimal environment for the use of DyKnow, but also it can be used on a variety of hardware, including desktop and laptop classrooms. Included in the software suite are DyKnow […]