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Temporarily disable Gatekeeper in Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion) through Mac 10.11 (El Capitan)

Gatekeeper makes it safer to download apps by protecting you from inadvertently installing malware on your Mac. Learn more about Gatekeeper. To allow applications to be downloaded Open System Preferences, which is found in the dock. In the Personal section, click Security & Privacy. Select the General tab. Click the lock located in the lower left […]

Deleting printers on a Mac

Click on the Apple icon in the upper left of your screen, and then select System Preferences… Click on Print & Fax. Select the printer you want to remove, and then click the – or minus sign below the printer list. In the window that displays, click Delete Printer. Updated: 1/19/2017

Software updates: Windows

To install Windows updates Click Start → Control Panel.   In the Control Panel window, click Windows Update. Click Change settings. In the Important updates section Select Install updates automatically (recommended) Click the Install new updates dropdown arrow, select Every day   Click the dropdown arrow, and then select the desired time for updates to install. […]

Optimizing (compressing) images in Microsoft Office 2010: Windows

Optimizing or compressing images removes redundant or otherwise unnecessary data from image files. This results in a smaller file size and faster loading on websites. The following step-by-step instructions were developed for Microsoft Word/PowerPoint 2010. Select the image you wish to compress. From the Picture Tools ribbon, click Format → Compress Pictures.   In the Compression […]

Burning a CD or DVD: Mac

Click File → New Burn Folder. A Burn Folder will display on the desktop. Save or drag the files or folders to be burned to the Burn Folder. Click File → Burn “Burn Folder” to Disc… A window will be displayed asking you to insert a disc at which time you should insert a blank CD or DVD […]

Software updates: Mac

To install Apple software updates Click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen, then click Software Update. Wait for Checking for new software… to complete. If Your software is up to date is displayed, click Quit. Otherwise, click Show Details. Select all the updates, click Install X Items → Agree. To have updates automatically download Click the […]

Mac support

Accessing email Email: Google Apps for Education Allowing application installations in Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Temporarily disable Gatekeeper in Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion) to allow application installations. Learn more about Gatekeeper. Compressing files StuffIt Expander. Connecting to network drives Learn about the network. Creating network aliases: Mac 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 […]

Basic Technology Information

Burning a CD or DVD Burning a CD or DVD: Mac. Burning a CD or DVD: Windows. New employee information For Faculty and Staff. Operating systems Mac Mac support. Learn more about the Mac OS. Learn how to find your specific Mac operating system. Windows Windows support. Learn how to find your specific Windows operating […]

Installing Pdf995: Windows

Browse to For Pdf995 Printer Driver, click Download. In the Opening pdf995s.exe window, click Save File. Double-click the file that was just saved. In the Open File – Security Warning window, click Run. In the setup window, click Yes. For Free Converter, click Download. In the Opening ps2pdf995.exe window, click Save File. Double-click the […]

Creating a PDF using Pdf995: Windows

Pdf995 enables you to create PDF files at no cost. Open the document. Click File → Print. For Printer, select PDF995. Click Print. In the Pdf995 Save As window Click the dropdown arrow to select the desired save location. For File name, type a filename. Click Save to save the PDF in the Documents folder. […]