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2-Step Authentication

2-Step authentication prevents anyone other than the account owner from logging in to the account and better protect us from hackers or password thieves. Duo is the software we use for 2-Step authentication. Box already has 2-step authentication activated for student, staff, and faculty. Furthermore, this security enhancement is currently activated on faculty and staff […]

DePauw ID Card: Uploading a photo

To upload a photo for your DePauw ID card, you will need to: Understand the photo requirements. Edit your photo. Create a GET account. Upload your photo to GET.   Understand the photo requirements Your photo must be similar to a passport-style photo and follow similar requirements as those listed on the U.S. Passports & […]

Payroll: Computer access to your online payroll account

General Information The Office of Human Resources utilizes ADP for payroll processing. General information regarding payroll processing may be found by browsing to Payroll. We recommend using the Chrome browser for accessing your online payroll account. Browse to Download the Chrome browser for further assistance. Registering for ADP The first time you browse to ADP, […]


Learn about your different IT accounts There are two (2) separate IT accounts that you need to maintain – 1. Google Apps Account and 2. DePauw Account. When you change your password on one account, it will not automatically change your password for the other account. 1. Google Apps for Education Account Google Apps for […]

Change password: Google Apps Account (email)

Browse to Log in with your username and password. In the upper right corner of the display, click the Settings (cog) icon → Settings. Click Accounts → Google Account settings. Scroll down on the My Account page and click Signing into Google in the Sign in & Security section. Click the pencil icon to the right of Password. Enter your current password. […]