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Mac: Saving files with extensions for uploading to Moodle

If your Mac is not already set to show file extensions, we recommend setting this to Show all filename extensions to help track what file types are being used. (Note: The accepted standard for word processing at DePauw is Microsoft Word. Please save text assignments in Word format unless your professor says differently.) Show all filename extensions […]

Moodle: Managing course settings

A Moodle course is automatically created for every class offered through the Registrar’s Office. These course shells are created with default settings based on feedback from DePauw faculty members. This document will explain the more common settings available to customize your course. To Manage Course Settings Click Edit settings in the Course Administration block. For […]

Moodle: Creating groups

The groups feature in Moodle facilitates collaborative learning by enabling participants to be assigned to one or more groups within a course. Types of Groups Setting the types of groups can be done by selecting Edit Settings found in the Groups section. No groups Everyone can see all materials. Separate groups Only members of the […]

Exporting the gradebook

Moodle’s Gradebook may be exported as an OpenDocument spreadsheet, plain text file, Excel spreadsheet or XML file. This guide demonstrates how to export the Moodle Gradebook as an Excel spreadsheet. To export the gradebook to an Excel spreadsheet Click Grades in the Administration block. Under Report, click the Grader report drop-down menu, and then select […]

Moodle: Copying course materials

There are two options for having your course materials copied from your old course into your new course. To copy your course materials on your own, complete the following step-by-step instructions. (Note: When copying course materials in Moodle, it is important for you to first set-up the Settings in the new course to have the […]

Adding YouTube video clips to Moodle

YouTube video clips may be added to a Moodle course as an embedded resource, linked resource or HTML block. To embed a YouTube video clip as a resource Browse to For the desired video clip Click Share, located under the video. Click Embed. Copy the embed code. Browse to the Moodle course, click Turn […]