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File management

As a department, keeping the documents everyone uses organized is key to efficiency. Options for managing files Suggestions for file management Options for managing files Description Box* Network Drive Google Moodle Email Attachments Multiple Authors (e.g. collaborative writing) X X Document changes frequently (e.g. event planning documents, staff lists, sign-up sheets, schedules, etc.) X X […]

Backing up your computer

A backup is a copy of a file that is stored in a separate location from the original. Backing up files on your computer helps to protect them from being permanently lost or changed in the event of a virus attack. Also, you can rely on the backup data to recover files when accidents happen. […]

Securing devices

Try not to limit security because of the device you are using. Taking steps to secure your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and/or other mobile device not only keeps your data safe, but also is a proactive step in protecting the campus network, including the data stored and shared over the network. Install antivirus software Reduce […]

Information Security

Information Security (InfoSec) is protecting information and information systems from unauthorized use, modification, destruction, disruption and any other unapproved access. It is important for all members of our campus community to be aware of recommendations, best practices and policies when accessing University data and campus technology resources. Information Security is not only about Information Technology […]