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DePauw has a subscription to HBO GO where all students living in campus housing have unlimited access to HBO shows, including HBO original programming, movies, sports, documentaries, comedy specials and more. Learn more about the DePauw subscription on our HBO GO website. Login: HBO GO Browse to In the upper-right corner, click Sign in. […]

Connecting your TV to DePauw’s cable programming

Beginning October 20, 2014, a digital television, DVR or any other device will be required to have a QAM tuner to watch DePauw cable programming. You are encouraged to review your owners manual to see if your device has a QAM tuner. Items needed Device (e.g. television, etc.) with a QAM tuner. Coaxial cable. Connecting […]


Cable TV Browse to Cable Television to learn about DePauw’s cable programming. Connecting your TV to DePauw’s cable programming. Classroom equipment and configuration Browse to¬†Technology Labs & Classroom, and then click on a building to learn about features in individual rooms. Equipment checkout Browse to Media Services to learn about audiovisual (A/V) equipment checkout. Log […]